What People Need to Stop Doing on Social Media (Immediately)

31 Mar

Everyone makes the mistake of following someone annoying on Twitter or friending the wrong person on Facebook (some of these people might, unfortunately, be your real friends). If you want to avoid being the most annoying person on social media, start following these simple suggestions:

1. Stop Posting Stupidly

Whether your grammar is atrocious (how people graduate middle school without being able to distinguish between their, there, and they’re is beyond me) or you just don’t think before you post, you should know it is incessantly obnoxious to follow stupid people. So brush up on your grammar and reread that post for mistakes before you publish it, (it’s 140 characters, like really, it doesn’t take that long) or suffer the consequences of displaying your inadequacies to the entire world. (P.S. if you don’t notice these mistakes, you’re part of the problem). Case in point, Ryan Lochte, you’re as dumb as you are pretty, making it impossible to follow you on Twitter (I’ll stick to pictures, those are worth the thousands of words he can’t even begin to pronounce #JEAH).

 2. Stop Begging for Attention

Plain and simple, no one likes an attention whore. Talking about your boobs or begging people to hang out with you on Twitter is just down right pathetic. We all know you have issues, there is no need to spell it out. Cure your case of TMI by not posting every thought that pops into that silly little head of yours.

3. Stop Kidding Yourself

Let me tell you, those song lyrics aren’t fooling anyone (we all know that they are directed at someone). But if you don’t have the balls to say what you’re feeling outright, then just don’t bother. This whole subtweeting thing needs to stop pronto (like really who talks behind people’s backs on a public forum? p.s. #oomf is no better).

4. Stop Being Overly Opinionated

Whether you just LOVE Jesus, or think babies should be born holding handguns, repeatedly touting your opinions like you’re the second coming is obnoxious. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there’s also a reason people say opinions are like assholes. Whether you are the one constantly spouting off at the mouth or replying by bashing people’s opinions, it’s annoying. I love an intelligent debate, but let’s admit that this rarely happens on social media (and keep your radical beliefs to yourself).

Everyone makes the mistake of breaking these rules once in awhile (to err is human) but seriously keep it to a minimum people, unless you want to be unfollowed, blocked, or unfriended.

Do you agree with these rules? What do you think is the most annoying social media habit?

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