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Sassy Saying of the Day 4/23

23 Apr

Sassy Saying of the Day 4/23

When everything goes wrong, remember Eric Matthews’ words of wisdom.

Sassy Saying of the Day (Game of Thrones Style)

31 Mar

In celebration of season 3 of Game of Thrones starting tonight, the Sassy Saying of the Day comes from the one and only Tyrion Lannister (smart, witty, resourceful, and one of my favorite characters in the series).

Do or Don’t: Online Dating?

21 Mar

There are about a bajillion dating sites these days (I mean, really, check these weird ones out). But for all of us looking for the companionship of a normal (or at least socially acceptable and/or functional human being), I’m talking the major players like Match.com. At the ripe old age of 22, I will admit that I have been curious enough to sign up and even create a profile on Match (judge if you will). For my purposes, I have treated it a lot like online shopping, but for men, browsing by size or style. However, I have never taken it past the window shopping phase. I have never been willing (or desperate enough, depending on how you look at it) to pay to communicate with these possible suitors. But with an impending move to a new city where I will know next to no one, I am starting to seriously consider the switch from looker to buyer. There seems to be a lot of other new grads and young professionals using sites like Match to meet new people (or score a few free meals). I feel like online dating has become less taboo (and pathetic) and more acceptable (I mean you do know more about this guy than that creepy dude at the bar). So what do you think? Is online dating a do or don’t?


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