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Back Sass: Shoemint.com

18 Mar

Tsk, tsk, tsk, it’s always such a shame when a great product or service has a catch (such is life, gotta read the fine print). Shoemint.com has me a little extra sassy (in the bad way) these days and heres why:

First let me set up the situation. I will say I love the website. It was easy to join (I just signed in through Facebook) and they have a great product that is reasonably priced. BONUS, they send you coupons in your email, like all the time, and stuff is constantly being put on sale (love me a deal). I am usually an online window shopper because I have an incessant need to try before I buy. But when I fell in love with a pair of flats, I busted out my new member 50% off and bought those suckers (free shipping both ways! it was a win-win, even if I needed to return them). They shipped to my house within the week, fit great, and are absolutely adorable (YAY).

The problem came a few weeks after my purchase. I was checking my credit card statement and all of a sudden I see a charge of $79.98 from Shoemint.com (Oh hell no!). I had only purchased the one pair, which I had already paid off, and had gone back to my window shopping ways. What I came to learn is that I was now a “Preferred Customer” (because they had my credit card info from my first purchase) and at the beginning of each month they would “credit” my account for a full price pair of shoes. In essence, the money was already spent, so they force you into picking out a cute pair of pumps. I was infuriated. Apparently, your only way out of this situation is to opt out of the credit within the first 5 days of the month (I had been oblivious to this process, so it was the middle of the month before I noticed the charge on my card). Luckily, I checked the website and they do a one time refund if you forget to opt out, which I’m sure nearly everyone uses that first month. So, I called and got a refund (thank god the lady didn’t give me grief or I would have gone a little ape shit). The money has yet to magically reappear in my account.

What upset me most is the lack of visibility of this policy. Apparently, it is somewhere on the check out page when you buy your first item, but seriously, I was excited about new shoes, not looking for ways they were gonna screw me in the future. Also, it’s kinda shitty to take advantage of having someone’s credit card info. Plus, at least two other people I know have experienced the same thing, so it’s not like I’m an idiot and can’t read.

MORAL OF THE STORY: I am not saying to avoid Shoemint entirely (like I said great product, reasonable prices, great sales/coupons). But learn from my mistake! As soon as you purchase a pair of shoes BEWARE! You will be charged $79.98 every month if you do not opt out within the first 5 days of said month. They only refund you ONCE. But it’s better not to go through the hassle of obtaining a refund (or bouncing checks because your money magically vanishes thanks to the Shoemint fairy). I have now set a monthly reminder in my phone to opt out, I suggest you do as well. I will say if I have any more difficulty with this website (or don’t get my refund back ASAP) I will just cancel my membership, there are no shortage of places to buy awesome shoes.

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