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Unusual Attraction: The Ugly Sexy Paradox

24 Mar

Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling (oh how I could go on) are some of the most undeniably attractive men in Hollywood. Women around the world swoon at the mere mention of these names. But, have you ever found yourself unexplainably attracted to someone who is, um, not so pretty (or even objectively ugly)? This is what I like to call the Ugly Sexy Paradox. Now, admittedly, attraction is not a purely physical reaction. But in fantastical situations (like the crushes we have on celebrities or their characters) you would think that the objectively hot would reign (a la Ian Somerhalder). But recently I have noticed myself drawn to some of these less attractive (yet ultimately sexy) men in Hollywood.

For example, my latest Ugly Sexy crush is Jeremy Allen White aka Lip on Shameless. Now if I saw him walking down the street, I don’t know that I would notice him (heck, I might even think he was unattractive). But there is something about his character that just draws me to him (I have support on this from some of my other Shameless fanatic friends). So how can someone seemingly unattractive (or average) be so down right sexy? And last time I checked, drug dealers, cheaters, and scam artists (all traits of Lip’s character) weren’t on the top of anybody’s list either. So what exactly is redeeming about him? Well, he’s freakishly smart, extremely loyal, and is vulnerable (even if it is to a sociopath like Karen). So I guess personality can win out over all else (who knew). But I think I have to argue for intangibles here as well. Sexy is just something you have, it’s a way of carrying yourself, a certain confidence that you have or you don’t, and Jeremy Allen White just has it in spades.

Jake Johnson aka Nick on New Girl is another culprit of the Ugly Sexy Paradox (although I would not deem him ugly, merely average). His character Nick has questionable hygiene, no real ambition, and is usually downright awkward (the panic moonwalk anybody?). But, again, there is something attractive, something sexy about him that makes you want to spend a day in Jess’s shoes.


On the other side of the coin is the most recent Bachelor, Sean Lowe. He is a very attractive man (over six foot with a six pack, HELLO). Sean is hot, but I do not find him sexy. Maybe it is the tabloid fodder about his regained virginity or his cringeworthy hip thrusts on Dancing with the Stars (sadly I tuned in). He has all the traits girls look for, he’s funny, caring, an all-around great guy, but he is just so…vanilla, and I guess I’m looking for something more rocky road.

So, who is your Ugly/Sexy crush? Do you agree that hot and sexy can be very different things? Guys, does this paradox happen to you too? Would you rather be considered hot or sexy?

TV Shows You’re Missing Out On

17 Mar

I just got DirecTV so I am reveling in the 3 months of free premium television, especially Showtime and HBO. I see why they do it because I am now hooked on fantastic programming that I am much too cheap to pay for. So while I can, I am enjoying as many of these shows as humanly possible. If you are like me, here are some mind blowing shows you are probably missing out on:

 1. Shameless

long live the gallaghers

I am obsessed with the Gallaghers, perhaps to an unhealthy degree. For me, their appeal lies in the fucked up nature of their existence. The raw, unfiltered portrayal of a family just trying to survive, in spite of their dead-beat, alcoholic, drug addled, and insane parents has me hooked. While I don’t want to be them, I find myself contemplating the viability of a life that gives the finger to concepts like morality and legality. This family knows no bounds, so be prepared to be shocked, amazed, and a perhaps a little revolted by how fascinating you will find the Gallaghers and their pals on Shameless.

 2. Homeland

homeland hits the spot

Claire Danes couldn’t be more convincing or enthralling as bipolar CIA agent Carrie Mathison. She is one bad ass bitch as she stops terrorists in their tracks and defies authority at every turn. But hey, when you’re right you’re right, and trust me, Carrie is ALWAYS right. Throw in a romance with a would-be terrorist and you’ve got yourself a hit.

 3. Girls

ga-ga for girls

Lena Dunham does it all in Girls. Her portrayal of the self-obsessed twenty-somethings (a group I proudly claim as my own) is at times unlikeable, but one I find both relatable and hilarious. Hannah and her gal pals are unusual to say the least, but uniquely approach real problems, like finding inspiration for a blog (although I have yet to resort to snorting a shit ton of coke, walking around half naked, and hooking up with a weird, former druggie neighbor man to fill that void). Girls will leave you laughing, while also contemplating the relevance of your existence.

Special Mention: Beyonce’s “Life is But a Dream” documentary, cause let’s be real, who doesn’t love Beyonce?

On the watch list: Game of Thrones (heard it’s amazing but there is only so much time in the day so, I’m getting there)

At the end of my three month trial I will be forced to scramble to find these shows on sketchy websites or beg friends to steal their HBOGO passwords (dying inside). So if you have HBO or Showtime (lets be friends) you should be watching these shows. If not, find a friend, rent a season, or troll the internet for poor quality versions because the loading time is worth it.

P.S. some shows that are watch worthy that I didn’t list: Dexter, Californication, Weeds, and True Blood. I love all of these shows as well, but had been able to watch them through the aforementioned website trolling (sidereel, ch.131, etc) so they were not the inaccessible gold that I discovered by having Showtime and HBO. Also, be sure to hit me up if I’m still missing out on something (god forbid).

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